seasonal / Limited Release

Stroke of State Strong Golden Ale

OG 1073 ABV8% IBU22 Malt: Pilsen, Honey malt, Sugar Hops: warrior Yeast: trappist ale

Created in celebration of Megan’s 3 year anniversary with Stone’s Throw, this Belgian Strong Golden Ale aims to overthrow everything you know about craft beer! This boozy style has hints of white pepper and subtly fruity esters, while maintaining a lighter, effervescent body. It is flavorful, yet palatable for many people to the New World of craft beer. A satiating straw hue and crystalized white head greet the eye, while delicate flavors mingle on the taste buds. Turn up a pint and turn the tide with this tasty Belgian style. Revolutionize your palate with this brew d’etat today!

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Not Currently Available at MacPark or Stifft Station
Available at:
Stifft Station Taproom
MacPark Brewpub & Biergarten
Stone's Throw Brewing in Little Rock, AR
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