seasonal / Limited Release

Pear Guavara Cider

OG 1050, IBU 0, ABV 5%

Join the revolution of flavor with a pint of Pear Guavara! Pink guava puree and pear juice are amigos in arms against the cloyingly sweet ciders that oppress taste buds everywhere. Juicy and medium-dry, you’ll enjoy liberating this tasty brew any time of day. Join forces with your cider comrades and pledge to drink Pear Guavara on your feet rather than live on your knees with alcopop!

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Not Currently Available at MacPark or Stifft Station
Available at:
Stifft Station Taproom
MacPark Brewpub & Biergarten
Stone's Throw Pear Guavara Cider
Stone's Throw Brewing in Little Rock, AR
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